Countach 2012

06th 8月 2012, author: Shinji Maeda

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2012年8月5日 ドイツ大使館

それに備わるスタイル、設備を搭載させ死という極限の恐怖を感じながらあえて乗ってみたいという欲望を駆り立てるものを作ろうと考えています。 (interview detail)

Based on the sample `countach’ , I’m thinking that I make equipment that the people will be
able to get excited most. The theme of this work shall be called a tool ` to go to die’ .
I proposed how of scattering taking the vehicle for which everyone yearned and going to die.
I try to produce the one which drives desire that people still want to get on feeling fear of the limit of death. (interview detail)

As I said on this interview,this work has a meaning :`the bravest, beautiful coffin in the world’
All steering wheels were excluded, view is closed,and the engine is uncontrollable pulse-jet engine.
If having boarded in this setting, it is certain to reach the world where the dimension is exceeded at last.
Is it a death,future or the past that you may reach by chance?
This is ultimate experience work.
If you try, it’s the end.