09th 1月 2012, author: nigo

厳格なユダヤ教徒Hasidic Jewsの人たちが着る服を米軍のパラシュートで作ってみたという作品です。



この作品を作ってから、数年後、「Middlesex identity」という個展をやったのですが、その時のプレス写真にこの作品が登場しました。


I made clothes that the people of severe Hasidic Jews put on from the parachute of the U.S military.

Because the material of the parachute was thin and light, it was considerably had trouble in

controlling to change it into the tailored jacket.

I think that I stop it only in my mind though there are a lot of shades of meaning of this work.

When I held the one-man show of `Middlesex identity ‘

several years after this work had been made, this work appeared in the press photograph.