06th 6月 2012, author: nigo

これは、フランス大使館で開催されたNo Man’s Landという展示会で出した作品です。







ちなみに、現在このワニニワトリは、恵比寿リキッドルーム2FのTimeout cafe&dinerで飼われています。


This is a work exhibited in the exhibition named ` No Man’s Land ‘ held in a French embassy.

It is a problem piece.

Actually I made four pieces of works.

On the first day of this exhibition, the sponsor side made claim to three works among them.

So, I had to remove them.

Even to this work, they gave me the condition of erasing the claim part in this work.

Strictly speaking, I changed the head of crocodilian stuffing into chicken’s.

And pasted some logos of powerful enterprise in France.

I engraved the name of nuclear test to the heart-shaped-tale.

Actually, to associate the mushroom cloud, the parachute was spread in the room.

Still though it is a story that can be said..

Now, this crocodilian chicken is kept with Timeout cafe&diner of Ebisu liquid room .