wood(pine), urethane paint, audio speaker unit(BOSE)
1400×900×850 (mm)

In the 1920s,  a team of scientists formed an unofficial unit within the NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics).
The team was called G.S.A(General Service for Alien) and while their program was primitive in the context of the larger space development program, their objectives at the time have yet to be realized.
The objective of their program was to communicate with space.
Genuine efforts to reach out and communicate with any extraterrestrial lifeforms have been countless.
But these efforts are inevitably confined by the limits of the existence of man and earth.
However there was one idea conceived about 100 years ago was so radical and inspirational that it they proceeded as planned regardless of mundane bureaucratic issues and limitations.
That’s because they chose to use God to broadcast their message to space.
If God is omnipotent and omniscient, surely this higher being would have the ability to provide a connection with space!
According to these scientists, however, using God to send a message would not be as simple as religious prayer.
It would be their responsibility to devise the medium through which to catch the ear of God.
The scientists began developing a plan to build a communication instrument.  That instrument was called
The researchers began to dream of an apparatus worthy of this God required a FORM and SHAPE.
The researchers envisioned the ultimate machine with the practical, yet superb shape to send into space.
This form also reflected the concept that the larger the size, the better.
A magnificently large amplifier would surely reach the ears of a God far, far away.
In no time, the BEAMER was completed and served to provide the birth cry of the space.
The installation you see here is a 1/10 replica of the original BEAMER.
The actual Beamer was 13 meters high, 7 meters wide, and 7 meters deep.  The speakers were 2 meters in diameter.  A smaller version is 1.2 meters.
The configuration was applied to the vertical tail of the space shuttle.  The rational was that in physical terms, the positioning would reach God that much sooner.
In addition, a depiction of man (i.e. Adam and Eve) would be placed in metallic on Pioneer 10.
A airline company, German Suplex Airlines was the recipient of the tremendous funds to build the apparatus and on one surface, their logo of was embossed.
When the BEAMER was complete, the researchers first communication to space was this: “Unbelievable”.